Ida Mtwana: The National Heritage Project

2-IMG_2322 The finished 1.8m sculpt in plasticine3-IMG_2312 4-IMG_2305 5-IMG_2304 1-IMG_23146-IMG_2303 7-IMG_2301

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New Show

Ive been invited to be in a show with a group of artists whose work I love. Curated by the amazing Grace Kotze, its set for mid August 2013.  Got to go big! Here’s what Im thinking-


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Ida Mtwana: National Heritage Project mock-ups

Desktop2 - CopyVery few documented images of Ida Mtwana 1903-1960, first elected president of the ANC Women’s League and “Youth Leaguer, moving spirit among women, orator and heckler.”

longstamp“When you strike a woman, you strike a rock! ” A line from one of the freedom songs sung by the women of the ANC Womens Leaugue and which is embossed into the fabric on the piece.



An example of the Home Affairs stamps in the ‘Dompas’ or pass book that people of colour were forced to carry during the Apartheid era. The statue has a stamp embossed into her hand.


1-Ida DrawingsDrawings for the dancing pose.


1-Final - Copy

Presenting the plasticine maquette of Ida


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Maleboho at Oliewenhuis Museum, Bloemfontein

577386_411932452231648_474544988_nNational Heritage Project Installation in Bloemfontein.


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House&Leisure South Africa December 2012

Thanks so much to Sam Boylan for including me in his Christmas pick! And thanks Carla for the image.

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Maleboho Bronze patination

08-IMG_0760 09-IMG_0761 11-IMG_0771 14-IMG_0776


Cupric/Ferric combo for the big man.

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Maleboho waxes at the Foundry

1-IMG_0256Hollow Man

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Anthropology after.



Operculum Series and Totem Boy at the Anthropology show, curated by Grace Kotze.


The Boy&Pig against Grace Kotze’s beautiful paintings. The Breathing Space was a fantastic venue and the show was very well attended. Sold all 4 works, most pleased.

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Anthropology: Durban show

Curated by Grace Kotze at The Breathing Space, Durban October 2012

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Maleboho Clay progress

03-IMG_9744 05-IMG_9757 06-IMG_9758 07-IMG_9759 19-IMG_9797 24-IMG_9818 25-IMG_9821

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