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Ida Mtwana: National Heritage Project mock-ups

Desktop2 - CopyVery few documented images of Ida Mtwana 1903-1960, first elected president of the ANC Women’s League and “Youth Leaguer, moving spirit among women, orator and heckler.”

longstamp“When you strike a woman, you strike a rock! ” A line from one of the freedom songs sung by the women of the ANC Womens Leaugue and which is embossed into the fabric on the piece.



An example of the Home Affairs stamps in the ‘Dompas’ or pass book that people of colour were forced to carry during the Apartheid era. The statue has a stamp embossed into her hand.


1-Ida DrawingsDrawings for the dancing pose.


1-Final - Copy

Presenting the plasticine maquette of Ida


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